It’s how you know you really got a home. When you leave it there’s this feeling you can’t shake. You just miss it.


Torchwood is about…

There’s one thing I always meant to ask Jack. Back in the old days. I wanted to know about that Doctor of his. The man who appears out of nowhere and saves the world. Except sometimes he doesn’t. All those times in history when there was no sign of him. I wanted to know why not. But I don’t need to ask anymore. I know the answer now. Sometimes the Doctor must look at this planet and turn way in shame.
 Gwen Cooper, on how the world ended.  (via ennuienjoyment)

laurel lance appreciation week
day two: favorite scenes
"I care about the lives of other people, Oliver, maybe you should try it sometime."

handsofabitterman asked: the ponds or jenny/vastra


Chicago PD S01E02 - “Wrong Side of the Bars”

"I’ve been given the go-ahead to run Intelligence the way I want it— no interference. This is our unit now. You do things my way. Our way. You’ll unclip your badge at night knowing you did right. The police standing next to you are your family. And to me, there’s nothing more important.”


Clara Oswald + series 8